"Family owned and the staff are great.    My son is very clingy and had a hard time for a month watching me go. They stayed persistant and were very patient. Now he is so excited to go. He is always coming home with projects and telling me about the exciting day he had. I trust this daycare more than any other place."

April Hurt, September 5 2017

   "I bring my 18 month old to Little Flower Academy     and he loves it! He can't wait to get out of the car and start his day! My son is well taken care of, and is learning. They have a wonderful philosophy at LFA. Jason and Debbie are 2 of the most dedicated people I've ever met. They run a fantastic facility and I'm so happy my son attends!"

Asia Orobello, January 9th 2018

'This is a wonderful facility! It is so difficult to leave        little 3 month old girl every day to go to work, but it brings me so much comfort to be able to leave her at Little Flower! Jason and Deborah have built a wonderful facility, and I am so grateful to them for creating this safe space full of caring people, obviously concerned with the health and well-being of each child there!'

Elizabeth Blackburn, September 12 2017

     'Little Flower academy is a great place. I have had both my kids go through all the way from babies to after school care. They are structured, caring and driven to promoting positive growth both with kids and faculty."

Tania Cubano, June 9 2017