Little Flower Academy

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(407) 696 3023


(407) 696 3024


Monday through Friday 6.30am until 6.00pm



Monday through Friday 6.30am until 6.00pm


980 South Eagle Circle,


Fl, 32707



Food and Nutrition

At Little Flower Academy, we pride ourselves in providing healthy and nutritious meals and snacks.  In partnership with the Florida Child Care Food Program, we ensure children receive a good supply of water and milk together with:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain cereals, crackers, breads, pasta etc
  • Child Nutrition meats and dishes

Please refrain from sending high-fat snacks, sugary drinks (e.g. sodas, sports drinks etc).

Healthier Snack Options include:

> Wheat Thins (100% Whole Grain)

> Baby Carrots

> Freshly Chopped Fruit

> Hummus and Crackers

> Celery & Raisins

For an example of our weekly, please click on the link below:

 Little Flower's Menu *(Menus are subject to change without notice)